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June 04 2015


Choosing best litter box and The Perfect Location to Put the Litter Box

What I learn about best cat litter box from heartministryga.org when finding  is that our cats can be very picky about their litter boxes. If we don’t keep it up to their standards, they can rebel in a way that we won’t like it. Yes, they are cute. But finding cat’s waste around the house is not so cute.
One of the most important things to consider is where we put the boxes. Here are some things to remember when we try to pick the best location for a cats litter box.

Avoid putting the litter box in a noisy place

We all know that cats want some privacy. If there are people in the same room, cats will be hesitant to use the litter box. However, noises do not only mean people. Home appliances such as washing machine also produce some noise which cats dislike. If you put the litter box next to a noise-generating appliance, the cat will feel nervous.
It is also important to keep the litter box away from any home appliances that produce heat. Heat will magnify the smell and cats hate the odor.
A quiet place does not mean a spot which is difficult to reach. Give the cat some privacy but make sure that it is easily accessible.

Avoid putting the litter box next to his food

Many of us have a special cat room where we put all cats’ belongings such as food and water bowl, cat bed and litter box. However, this is a bad setting for the cats. These felines have strong senses so when their foods smell like urine or feces; they will refuse to eat them.
Put one litter box in each floor
If your house has two or more levels, put a box in each level even if you only have one cat. Your cats will roam around the house. Providing a box in each floor will give them no excuse to urinate outside the box just because they cant hold it. It will also be useful if he loses the access to the primary box.

How to Train A Cat to Use Their Litter Boxes

I had always been curious about how people train their cats to use the litter until I did it myself. I thought it would be like house-training a dog, but I was wrong.

Cats don’t need to be trained

Cats are smart animals. They also have very sharp instinct. It is not necessary to teach a cat how to use a litter box. We don’t need to move their paws in the litter to tell them how to bury their feces. Cats will know it by instinct.
All we have to do is showing the cats the location of their litter boxes. We must also give each cat the right litter box. If you dont know how to choose a litter box for your cat, check 

Scented Cat Litter Box

We can always guess if a household has a cat by judging from the smell. No matter how clean the owner is, sometimes the bad odor of a cats litter box will spread around the house. I didn’t want this to happen to my house. So when my boyfriend moved to Bangkok and left the cat to my care, I bought a scented litter box to make the smell better.

The cat gave me a no

Unfortunately, the cat disliked the smell. I called my boyfriend and told him about the problem, he laughed. He did not even put air freshener near the litter box because cats don’t like such fragrance. He told me to buy boxes that we all need. These litter boxes are easy to clean. If the litter box is clean, the smell will not be too bad. He also told me to put some baking soda at the bottom of the new box to absorb the bad smell.
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My First Post

this will just be a start up blog for me.people say that i am an likability type of person, although honestly i feel it differently.as a health specialties teachers, postsecondary, my passion embodied through my writing.i am just a newbie in Pet  but i do see writing about it in herein coming future.perhaps that's for a mean time.i'll write more, i promised.
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